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Let me make it clear about setting up a disk drive

Let me make it clear about setting up a disk drive

Mounting Plans

Whatever conditions your instance creates setting up hard disk drives, when you have eliminated the address it’ll most likely be obvious the way the drive that is hard in the instance. Or even, make reference to the equipment documents.

Some instances utilize fixed drive bays, that are a part that is fixed of framework framework. a hard disk is|drive that is hard installed in a set drive bay either by sliding the drive to the bay and securing it by placing screws through the framework and to the drive or by connecting drive rails into the drive and sliding the drive and rail construction into networks into the framework. With respect to the mounting arrangements, you could or might not want to connect rails towards the disk drive before setting up it.

Other instances utilize removable drive cage or drive tray assemblies, by which you first secure the drive into the detachable installation and then place the construction in to the framework. If for example the case utilizes detachable drive trays, securing the drive towards the tray is amongst the very first installation actions. Figure 7-7 shows a normal drive tray being taken off the framework, when preparing for setting up the drive within the tray.