Minnesota Winters

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Minnesota Winters

Minnesota Winters

MN: land of 10,000 lakes and 6 months of winter (sometimes…)Something to note about life in Minnesota is that winter can sometimes take up more space than anyone would like… I have grown up here my whole life and every year, come October/November, I say that I am not ready for Edusson plagiarism the months of cold to come. Sometimes the first big blizzard is in October, and sometimes it isn’t until December… But since climate change is taking a toll on the regularity of weather patterns here in MN, anything can happen.

Is it really that cold? It depends on the day… November and December are usually much more temperate, with highs https://econ.unc.edu/ in the 30s. The sky is usually very grey and very cloudy. Then comes January and February, when the sun starts to come out and the sky is blue. But that is usually a sign that it is colder than cold outside. On a typical January day, the air feels crisp, sometimes like someone is rubbing ice cubs on your cheeks. That being said, the sun is usually going to brighten your day.

Grey Days (Warm):

Sunny Days (Colddd):

What about the snow? Yep. The snow is…endless. I say it is sometimes a 6 month winter, because snow may stay on the ground from October until May (wait, that is 7 months)!! But have no fear, even though the snow stays on the ground for a while, that means you can go sledding, snow shoeing, skiing and build as many ice castles as you’d like.

Don’t let the winter stop you. Carleton students make the most of it!

Whether you are from Hawaii, South Africa, or Denmark, the Minnesota winter is worth experiencing for part of your life!

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